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For your own benefit only ever give a YES, NO or DON’T KNOW to the medium / psychic– unless the medium asks you to confirm or clarify something which is not clear. Never feed the medium any information as it is their job to bring you the evidence and you need to leave the reading satisfied that the medium did not piece anything together with any information you may have volunteered.

It is never guaranteed who will come through in a reading and sometimes it can be someone who you may not necessarily want to hear from but is always worth listening to. Mediums have a great personal responsibility when delivering a message and I always work with integrity, ethically and work to the best of my ability.

Also note that a reading is not a fortune telling. Spirit may advise on an issue or bring a situation to attention -which could be anything from health to finances or career to partners. However spirit can and will only offer guidance and some insight, they will not make decisions for you – your life is yours to live and that includes decisions that would be wrong or right, you have your own life journey.

A psychic will tune directly into you and could obtain information about you from your aura which could be past present or future. Psychics often use a “tool” such as tarot or angel cards, crystal balls, rune stones, tea leaves etc to use as a point of focus or help get information for the reading.
A medium is the middleman between the spirit world and the earth plane. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. A Mediumship reading consists of communication with a person or persons who have passed to spirit.

Mediums give proof of survival of bodily death by providing evidence. Sometimes information you do not know about comes through and can only be verified by asking family members. This removes doubt that the medium picked things up from you directly. Sometimes spirit will give off things that are to come but it is not spirit’s job to direct us in our journey of life. Most people prefer a psychic and Mediumship reading combined which I am happy to do.

Yes but there are exceptions:

1  – This is fine providing it is for siblings or relatives wanting to connect with the same loved ones in spirit. Tarot in this instance is not possible due to the split energies. 

2 – If an 

This is an ancient oracle which is full of symbolism and hidden messages. It is a guidance tool for your life to assist in pointing out what lies ahead and to enable you to see the underlying issues. Often this can make you see things in a different light or provide clarity on some level. It can also provide you with a sort of “spiritual kick up the behind”. However, whatever decisions you take or make in your life, are your’s and your’s alone.

I do face to face readings from my home in Cardross and also in Glasgow on a Saturday. Additionally I also have a team of trusted readers for house parties. If I am too far afield then you can consider a telephone or Skype / whatsapp reading.

I can tune into spirit or yourself simply by focusing on you. If you are having a psychic/tarot reading I will ask you to choose which deck and when to stop shuffling. No matter which option you choose, it should be borne in mind that in some instances the energies of the medium and the sitter will not always “gel”. This can happen if the sitter is directly in front of the medium or otherwise. If this happens and I feel I cannot read you then a refund will be offered.

Unfortunately no. If you read enough books by some respected members of the spiritual / esoteric community you will come to see that the future is not fixed. Many believe we have an outline or path we follow and every now and then we come to a fork in the road. Depending on what we have learned or feel on our journey, or even in that moment, we make a decision what path to take. If you are not ready to move on or have not learned from the lessons then you can remain in the pattern or cycle until the opportunity rises again or when you are ready. Don’t quite understand? Question why you or people around you keep going through the same patterns of relationships and jobs …. how many talk about getting out of a situation but somehow talk themselves back into it? You could say that psychics predict your immediate future based on your choices and decisions to date and where you are headed. But then again you can always just say “screw it” and move to Spain taking you off your current path. So yes there is a grey area so you need to look out for all the other evidence in your reading. With that all said, I hope you can see that I cannot guarantee anything that is said as you can change your mind at any time and can change the direction of your future.

You will have to enter the competition like everyone else – I choose a winner by inspiration. I do free readings when time permits or when I feel like someone in spirit is asking me to. I have bills to pay just like everyone else and having given up nursing this is now my sole source of income. Just to be clear working with spirit is mentally taxing and mediums find they can only do so many a day before the quality of the readings drops and things are not clear.

Come with an open mind, positive attitude and listen to what is said. If you don’t understand something relating to yourself it could be for someone in your family or spirit as this can sometimes happen. Some people like to bring a photo of their loved one in spirit and it can help with the link as it offers a point of focus. Also worth noting is that drugs, alcohol, stress and tiredness can muddy or weaken the connection. Being negative about it will certainly affect the outcome.

I have had people come through very quickly including the day they had passed and sometimes they have not come through for a few months, years or indeed never come through! Some mediums have theories and will debate as to why this is but I feel that they will come through when the recipient is ready – for example if they are still in the grieving process or are ready to hear what the spirit has to say. One time I gave someone a message from the platform and the person had passed that morning and the recipient did not even know. I can only relay what information I receive from spirit.

This is entirely up to you. You have freewill and therefore have the capacity to make your own choices. If you base a decision on advice from a friend, information from online or from a reading then you are still responsible for your actions. Legally I am required by law to advise that readings are for entertainment purposes only and I cannot be held responsible for any decisions or actions taken by anyone who acts on information given in a reading. Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of the page for more information.

This is not an exact science and the medium or psychic simply repeats literally or interprets symbolically the information they receive, therefore yes they can be wrong. Your own interpretation can also be wrong. No one is 100% accurate and any medium worth their salt will hold their hands up and admit it themselves. If a medium or psychic is persistently wrong or inaccurate then word will get around. A good medium will never “stop learning their trade”, even after a lifetime of serving spirit. There is always room for improvement! Do your research before having a reading and remember mediums who charge crazy money for their services are perhaps not approaching things from the right place.

Besides the Internet, my customers come from Spiritualist Churches, workshops, repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. I am happy to say I am in demand for my services and my appointments reflect that.

Obviously we aren’t going to be 100% right 100% of the time, we aren’t God, but a good reader should definitely have the ability to pick up on YOU and read for you. It is unfair to ask such questions like ‘What did he have in his pocket when he died?’ because this kind of evidence seldom comes through and sometimes putting that sort of pressure on someone can make interfere with a link, the mediums mind gets in the way and they may get nothing or guess without realising. Ask your questions but don’t give anything away – no personal details.

Sorry but this is not something I can help you with.

However you can contact the SSPR – The Scottish Society of Psychical Research by clicking on the following link:

The Scottish Society of Psychical Research



I no longer do house parties or house visits. However I do have a team of excellent mediums who I can arrange to come to yourself depending on location and number of people. Please get in touch for further information.

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