Joanne Davies is best known as a demonstrating medium, psychic reader and tutor based in Glasgow and on the West Coast of Scotland. Joanne's biggest passion in life after her family, is to be the bridge between two worlds, bringing messages of love and comfort from beyond the veil. She has been a professional medium for 10 years and holds certificates with The S.N.U. in speaking, demonstrating and teaching.

Personal Background

My spiritual journey began when I was a child of around three years old. I was an "only child" and one day my mother was aware of me talking and playing with an "imaginary friend" When she asked me who I was talking to I said " Matthew"! Being from a Catholic family, communication with the dead was frowned upon, so when I gradually began to talk less about my brother, my family were relieved!

When my paternal grandmother (nana) died when I was four, I experienced visions of her when I was at Mass on a Sunday. I could see her as plain as the nose on your face, smiling at me every time I looked at the crucifix. When I saw her,I was happy to know she was in heaven and with my brother. As I got older I would doubt the credibility of my childhood experiences until in my teens, I lost my maternal grandparents, between the ages of 13 ad 16. After my granny's death I had the most vivid dream of my life to date, where I received a message from her, confirming that she was together in Heaven with my grand-father.

I continued to receive messages and inner guidance from my beloved grandparents throughout my twenties and when I was 27 and my dad was dying from cancer, my Nana came to me in a dream state to reassure me that she was waiting for him. As I sat with him, on what would have been my brothers 35th birthday dad told me there was a wee boy behind me at the window, I  asked him who he thought it was and he didn’t know. When I  asked what he looked like, he said “ he looks like you”. I knew then that my brother Matthew and my Nana were there to cross him over to the spirit world. He died the following day.

After my fathers death, I was unable to suppress the realities of my experiences any longer and I went with this ‘force’ that was pushing me and I joined a development circle. Very quickly, my spiritual development accelerated, and I could no longer push this calling aside. I eventually left my full time nursing job to work for spirit.

professional Background

Before becoming a full time medium, I worked as a nurse for 14 years. I studied cancer and palliative care and worked with head and neck cancer patients as well as working in care of the elderly and in community nursing. When I began my mediumship development I nursed by day and dedicated myself to the spirit world in the evenings. I sat in a private home circle for two years, as well as training at my local Spiritualist Church, Glasgow Association of Spiritualists and at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh where I took courses with renowned medium Tony Stockwell. I have also studied under renowned Scottish medium, The Psychic Barber, Gordon Smith and Spiritualist tutors Mavis Patilla and Andy Byng . In 2018 I was delighted to receive a certificate in teaching from The Spiritualist's National Union. I feel my professional nursing experience has brought integrity and quality to all aspects of my Mediumship and Psychic work. As part of my ongoing personal and spiritual development, I still sit in a regular home circle as well as participating in the odd study day here and there. I am also developing trance mediumship.

My Mediumship

Mediums and psychics have a personal responsibility to their clients to provide accurate communication with respect. This is achieved through hard work and dedication to development. Mediums should always continue to learn and develop their relationship with the spirit world and continue to strive to deliver the best evidence to their sitters. Even though I am a working medium, I still continue my own development which I believe is necessary to improve and maintain my link with the spirit world.

I liken Mediumship to musical ability. Everyone can sing, but not everyone is going to make it on the X Factor!! True musical stars may have natural talent, however with training they can become the best in their field and the same applies to mediums.

It should also be borne in mind that Mediumship is not about the fame game. Some famous mediums are truly working for the spirit world and bringing Mediumship to a wider audience through books and television, and this is a good thing but not everyone is destined to be famous, it shouldn’t be the end goal of development. When ego steps in,spirit step back.

In my eyes the purpose of being a medium is to bring forward that evidence and proof that there is no death, only life eternal. Hopefully by doing this mediums can truly help the bereft and those who are a little lost or who need a little help.  I hope you enjoy using my website and that it may help to inspire you on your spiritual path.


Joanne xx