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“Joanne is very welcoming and warm, her reading brought me comfort and was very insightful. Joanne has a wonderful gift, her accuracy was amazing, I felt lighter after seeing Joanne. Readings I have received in the past from other mediums/psychics have made me feel slightly anxious but Joanne has gave me much needed reassurance, she even made me laugh. Thank you Joanne.” LauraM-2261Aug 2018

“The reason I received from Joanne was very spiritual was very powerful Angelas feel Joanne is very talented with gifts the gifts that Joanne has” Fraser C July 2018

“I had a very insightful reading with Joanne. Not only is she an excellent psychic medium but a lovely person who you feel so at ease with. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a reading.” Madeleine Ruth Houston March 2018

“I came for a reading at the end of January. I have to say that if I were pushed to say yes/no to the question "Does Joanne REALLY have tuned psychic ability?" I'd have to say Yes, I really do think so. I really percolated after the reading, to try to determine if I gave anything away, and yes I probably did, because I am the sort of person that cannot just say "no" I feel a bit of detail is important if only to clarify things, however I can honestly say that some of the things that Joanne knew, particularly about family, really, there was no way she could have known. I was very emotional and nervous, so have booked to return. Will be interested to see if my energy is more stable, what comes through for me. I liked Joanne very much. Honestly she truly seems a very caring and empathetic person. The sort of person you would easily warm to if you met her in "The Real World"” FuchsiaUmbrella98 February 2018

“I met with Joanne for a reading recently. I was hoping that she would connect with my husband who passed away this February. As soon as Joanne began my reading she asked me if I recognised a name. The name was my husbands. She went on and went into great detail about my husband, his illness and his passing. It was a very emotional experience and gave me great comfort. Joanne also connected with other family members. I was astounded by the accuracy of what she related to me.

After my reading I had forgotten to ask her something so I emailed her and she replied the same day.

I would say to anyone who may be looking for comfort after a loved one has passed that Joanne will be able to offer you this comfort.” Elizabeth Cosh January 2018

“I have had two readings now with Joanne, the latest by telephone. As with the previous reading there were plenty of validations coupled with past/present/future events, a few of which took me by surprise and I am looking more positively to the future to see what unfurls. Without doubt Joanne is a very welcoming, talented, honest lady, highly recommended.” AB60 January 2018


”I had a reading with Joanne yesterday and was blown away with her accuracy. She was able to put me at ease as I was nervous as I had never had a reading before. She was very down to earth and had a lovely way about her. She was able to name my loved ones who had passed and there causes of death.

and shared some messages from them. She summed up my past relationship and present one down to a tea. She also accurately spoke about my children and their characters. I came way from my meeting with Joanne feeling so loved, comfort" GailH-47 December 2017

“I have had several readings with Joanne over the years, she is always so incredibly accurate and I will return to her for years to come, to connect with my loved ones in the Spirit World. I trust her 110% and would highly recommend.” Susan Collins September 2017

“I visited Joanne to make contact with my dear mum. Joanne conveyed very specific accurate messages and she told me that my mum was singing a particular song; the song is my dad's all-time favourite song and the very song I would expect my mum to remember to me. Joanne herself is a warm and it is very kind of her to welcome people into her home for readings. I passed on the details of my reading to a few family members, and it made them smile too, so my reading brought comfort to more than me. Thank you, Joanne.” Janet Finlayson July 2017

“I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Joanne back in June and was blown away by her accuracy. Especially in the things I didn't even know but were later confirmed when I asked family. Joanne is warm and down to earth. If you've never had a reading before or you've had the misfortune of running into chancers, look no further than Joanne. Just keep in mind that it won't be 100% due to the nature of the method of communication but it will be worth it. I'm only rating her 4 because 5 would make her God, and I'm pretty sure she's not God. Thank you, Joanne, and keep safe, maybe see you next year.” Nick-M165 July 2017

“Joanne is a genuine medium. She doesn't dupe with tactics such as fishing, cold reading or Barnum statements. She also tells you not to make anything fit if it doesn't. She makes bold, distinctive statements offering specific information such as names, dates, unique personality traits and memories of the deceased. She has a lovely, sympathetic manner that puts you at ease and it's obvious she is in this for the right reasons - to sincerely help offer guidance and comfort to the bereaved and/or lost. I initially had a Skype reading where she had a problem channelling anyone for me, she was totally honest and had the decency to offer me a complete refund or an in person reading for no charge. She is trustworthy with a huge heart, strong conscience and ethic about what she does.” Pamela H 29 May 2017

“Amazing details ref my recent /present family situation i did not mention anything but joanne confirmed all the details from spirit . I was especially pleased to hear from my mum who recently passed away 2016 . All my family came through and gave me details only they could know. Very pleasant reading feel so much better now i know my family are with me always. Thank you joanne I will return for another reading in the future I have already recommended joanne to family and friends.” DianeM-15th May 2017


 “Firstly, Joanne is a very friendly , welcoming psychic. She puts you at ease immediately. Im very cautious never to feed any information, and it was remarkable what she tuned into . At times, i was left a bit bewildered as i couldnt understand what was coming through, then when i got more information , i was astounded . Some things that didnt make sense at the time, have come to the fore now , and these are not manufactured happenings. I would certainly recommend her, and will be going back at some point . Thank you Joanne”  Rona M-3 Feb 2017

“I had a private telephone reading with joanne last week, this lady has a fabulous connection with the spirit world and was able to give me names dates etc. Joanne even quoted sayings that my grand father actually used on this side of life. My best friends grand parents popped into my reading too, I wasn't sure of their first names but checked after the reading and was blown away to find out that Joanne was correct. Joanne has a lovely way about her. I had a reading from Joanne about 4 years ago and was blown away then too. If I was asked to recommend a good medium I would not hesitate to say Joanne Davies. There are charlatans out there but Joanne is not one of them. I will be booking another reading with Joanne in the near future and have already passed her details onto friends and family.” Elaine Glasgow ElaW-1 Jan 2017

“Delighted to say that I recently had a reading from Joanne. This was the first time I had ever ventured into this sort of activity. She was so accurate in everything she said-100% accuracy in names and dates. Even family members were unaware of how true some of the information Joanne had given to me really was! She was very warm and empathetic. I would recommend her to everyone. I will definitely go again.”  Angela M-106 Dec 2016

“I have had a face to face and an email reading with Joanne. I have to say that aside from the highly accurate insights, everything is passed on to you with a large amount of compassion and emotional intelligence. There is kindness but no sugar coating. In my opinion, this lovely lady us the real deal. Very high recommended.“ Elizabeth F-7 Feb 2016

“I had a phone reading from Joanne a few weeks ago and it was so accurate. We have never met in the flesh, only had two phone readings and both were amazing. She brought members of my family through and had insight into my current life - things she could never have known. Amazing - highly recommend” Michelle M-17 Feb 2016

“Joanne is an excellent medium and was very accurate with the detail of the reading. I certainly found the answers I needed and feel much better knowing that we are not alone.

It was an incredible experience that will stay with me for a very long time. Highly recommended. Brycii Dec 2015

“Best reading by a mile. I have had loads of readings and this was the best by a mile. I would have to add up alot of what is said with other psychics but this one I didnt have to and the difference between Joanne and the others is absolutely amazing. Well impressed and was worth the travelling” Vicki Speen Oct  2015

“I would wholly recommend Joanne. She is a very genuine person and welcomed me into her home. She was very accurate and gave me piece of mind that all my loved ones are alright in the spirit world.” PZH, Oct 2015

“A quality Medium. I have seen Joanne at the Spiritualist Church and decided to have a reading with her. Through a series of events this last year I really lost my faith in Spirit. Having decided to have a reading with Joanne today, she confirmed with precise accuracy the existence of life after death as well some guidance. I ve seen my fair share of mediums over the years but Joanne is up there at the top as far as I am concerned. Into the bargain she is a lovely lady. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.” Meiklemill, Oct 2015

“I had a consultation with Joanne a few weeks back at a time when I was confronted by a number of challenging issues regarding my immediate family, closest friends, professional and personal life. One of main reasons for consulting her, which I did not disclose, was whether or not to succumb to pressure to move to another country and others were to get a view on what was in store with regard to the health of various people. Whilst Joanne didn't touch much upon the move to another country she disclosed lots of information about my family's past and those that were "on the other side" that, after consulting with my parents, proved to be absolutely accurate and comforting. She told me some things about myself that she could not have guessed or known in advance and predicted outcomes that will be easily checked. Overall, I found the consultation with Joanne to be revealing, considerate and helpful.” Onloan, Sept 2015

“Joanne is a very friendly and down to earth lady. I had always wanted to have a private reading. I had been to a charity event that she hosted and I knew she was the person to go to. Joanne was absolutely spot on with my reading. I was never a sceptic but if I was then this reading would have changed my mind! It was a great experience and I will absolutely be booking her again for another reading. Highly recommended. Don't hesitate to contact Joanne, you'll be glad you did! Many thanks.” Mrs Scudder, August 2015

“Had my third reading with Joanne in as many years and I have no doubt who I will be having a reading with next year and yes I have seen several other mediums too. Thank you again Joanne, you have no idea how you help folk.” Laura, August 2015

“Over the last few years I've seen my share of mediums and tarot readers. I always go back to Joanne as she is the only one who has been spot on on everything. I find it just amazing how random names from her reading prove to be meaningful to me.Everything she told me at the 1st reading came true and i went for a 2nd reading just to get some outlook for the future. Joanne is very charismatic and kind person, easy to talk wit” Dana Maxian, July 2015

“Grateful - Today was the first time I experienced a medium who came through with accurate facts about my parents. Having never met or seen Joanne in person I was amazed at the accuracy of her information. I never spoke with her before or shared information about my life and yet she knew many things that left me astonished about what she was receiving from my family and friends. I am truly grateful for today's reading.

Blessings “ Sparkplug1953, June 2015

“Private Reading. Had a reading with Joanne today and she was wonderful. my son recently passed away and he came through. She knew things that nobody could have known and she has helped me tremendously, thank you Joanne” Christie241, June 2015

“Amazingly accurate - Joanne has an amazing gift that gave me comfort and hope when I needed it most. Genuinely gifted kind and sensitive lady and I look forward to having more readings in the future.” MhairiJ, May 2015

“Amazing. Highly recommend, even if you are skeptical. She is a very honest lady and very very accurate at what she gives you. I am quite happy to say that she is the best that i have been to for a 1-2-1 for ages.” Malcolmb2, May 2015

“Truly outstanding! Joanne has an amazing gift - I've had two readings from Joanne, one May 2014 and one May 2015 both via Skype. Both times Joanne has given me fantastic information and connected with many members of my family who are now in spirit, the detail she went into was amazing, she told me things that only me and the family member channeled would have known. Everything she told me at the 1st reading came true and i went for a 2nd reading just to get some outlook for the future. Again Joanne provided information and proof from the spirit world and left me feeling uplifted. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone who would like a psychic or medium reading and don't be put off by Skype her connection and reading has surpassed many face to face readings i have had previously.” Stewjen, May 2015

“Fantastic Reading -I had a phone reading with Joanne & was truly amazed at the things she told me. She could give names & give me precise information about situations she couldn't possibly have known about. She really was fantastic & I would highly recommend her. A lovely person who made me feel at ease & I would definitely have another reading with her again in the future.” M629 May 2015

“Amazing reading! I had a phone reading from Joanne today and I just feel I need to share my experience. From the word go, Joanne brought forward proof that my mum and dad are very much around me. She gave me first and second names of relatives that she could never have known and she gave me evidence of a situation going on here on the earth with my cousins family. She even picked up on songs that I was singing on a night out last week, as my granda was watching me. Fantastic psychic.” Madgie64, April 2015

“Excellent reading - Joanne has given me a few readings over the years and I have been labelled as one of the harder ones to read. I have had good readings from several mediums across Glasgow privately and front the platforms but Joanne is at the top in my book.” Ostrich, March 2015

“Had a fantastic reading from Joanne today was totally spot on, with members of my family coming through with very good and very specific evidence the precision with names events was spot on. I hope to have another reading in the future. defo recommend thank you so much Joanne xxMaryellen Melrose, Nov 2014

“Thank you SO much for the wonderful reading. Everything that you have said is how I am feeling at the moment. You seem to have a natural gift for reading people, right into their souls.Nicola Grant Nov, 2014

“I simply had to write this today after such a great reading from Joanne. i cannot speak highly enough of her or her very obvious gift. I came away feeling lighter,brighter & more connected than i could ever have hoped to my loved one who recently passed away. Joanne is such a lovely person that i would highly recommend anybody who is travelling this road to look her up and pay her a visit. Thank you and so much more to a very special lady who in the midst of such grief put my mind at ease and offered so much more.” Sianne Taylor, Nov 2014

“Just had a reading done and Joanne brought through a very close departed family member.The details and information was mind blowing!!!!!She could tell me the songs I sang when I was thinking of this person and events that have happened in my life.Very content with my life now thanks to Joanne! 100% recommend Joanne.This was my first reading but It won't be my last. Thanks Joanne” James F, Sept 2014

“Still can’t get my head around it but Joanne does what she does. Sceptic and atheist turned believer, enough said I think” Derek McGill, June 2014

“Last week I accompanied my daughter as she had booked us both for a reading with Joanne. I've never really wanted to see a medium before but I was so glad that I went. She provided me with names and facts that would have been impossible for her to know. I was totally amazed by the accuracy of the information she gave me. She has an amazing gift and she came across as a very warm and caring lady. She gave me evidence of my dad and my brother who both died in their forties that no-one could have known. Thank you Joanne. It's comforting to know that my dad has been able to do so much more in the spirit world as he had problems on earth and died far too young. I've passed on what you said to the rest of my family and all they could say was AMAZING! I would thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to see a good medium to go to Joanne.” Linda, May 2014

“I visited Joanne for a reading recently and was completely blown away with the reading she gave me. Joanne was able to give me names and dates with such accuracy that I had no doubt about her talent. She gave the reading in such a down to earth and natural way that it became obvious that she genuinely cares about people and wants to help them. Thank you for sharing your gift with others as it provides comfort and reassurance to many. I would not hesitate in recommending Joanne to others and will see her again in the future I'm sure.” Roxi (yell review) May 2014

“I want to thank you for my reading today. Knowing that someone close to me in the spiritual world is guiding me and my little ones gave me a lot of peace and it feels very comforting. I'm very spiritual myself , in my own terms, and always believed in spirituality. Felt so at eased when I left your place and loved the colour purple as it is my fav colour . I remember mum she had a book about the purple flame of Saint German? was very young when I read it but couldn't understand it. Anyway, just a few words to thank you and was really nice meeting you.” Anabella Monti Feb 2014

“Had a reading from Joanne the other night. She gave plenty of good evidence and the people she brought through, she had, down to a tee.She picked up on my current situation and deffo gave me hope for the future. If u want an honest reading in a down to earth manner .Don't hesitate And give her a try, u wont b disappointed.” Jul 10, 2013 Straight Forward & Honest by: Alan. P

I met Joanne, then had her at my home, for four others to have a reading with. Everything she said both past in future has come true. On my experience, she even mention a dog we had and named the breed and colour, and almost the name, she even told me of Japanese Pagodas in our garden.” James Ea, Oct 2013

“Wow, fantastic, amazing … what else can I say. Definitely one of the best I’ve been to” Sindy, Oct 2013

“So comforting to know my mum is safe and ok in spirit. I had no doubt Joanne had my mum with her, I only wish I could hear her myself. Thank you so much Joanne. It brought so much comfort” Sam, Sept 2013

The comfort and the sincerity were worth the visit. But the accuracy of what you told me about my brother and the names of people in my life both past and present I was totally lost for words.” Stewart, Sept 2013

“I would have left a review sooner but a lot of my reading was about what was to come and you know what??? you were right about 95% of what you said!!!!! Tarot is fab!!!! The other 5% ?? Well technically it wasn’t right but I can understand why you interpreted it the way you did but it was 2 different things but still connected to do with my work. I’m not giving you 100% because no one’s perfect!!!! I was sceptical my life could change after my reading with Joanne as it was so hopeless but Joanne was right.. I will be back next year.” Vicci, Aug 2013

“The accuracy was astounding and left me feeling at complete ease with past, current and future concerns. I have total respect and admiration for this warm, kind and compassionate woman and would strongly recommend her to anyone. Cant praise or thank her enough. Truly gifted” Jason, Jun 2013

“There was no way this spooky woman could have known what she said. I scanned my facebook afterwards to see if she had taken anything from that and even googled myself. Nope, just a gifted lady. Good luck with the baby and that big guy” Christopher, Jun 2013

“Had a few readings good and bad and was a wee bit apprehensive seeing joanne was young but the reading was fantastic. I was told about my job, health and what was going on and provided insight from the cards and my nan who she described very well I can't complain at all it was great. I am posting this as I promised Joanne that if it was good I would leave a review x” BlueStar, May 2013

“Joanne brought my dad through even though he did not believe in this. She told me lots about him, what happened when I was a young boy and whats happening in my life now … years after my dad passed. Wow and thank you” Michael, May 2013

“Heard from my wee one that was taken from me years ago. It’s so relieving to hear she is ok and that my dad is with her. Thank you Joanne, I’ve started crying again so I’ll leave it at that x” Carleen, Feb 2013

I would like to thank you so very much, you are an amazing lady, it is without any doubt in my mind that you have been given an incredible gift to help people like myself who are having a difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one.” Stewart Spence, Jan 2013

“Have seen several mediums / psychics both good and bad. Joanne is one of the better ones and I have booked another reading in the new year. Some of the information I wasn't clear on until family members verified it - now is that not amazing? See you in the new year xx” Stephanie, Dec 2012

"Joannes reading was so accurate in every detail, to things only I could have known ...Would defo recommend... Fantastic!!” Annmarie Mccallum Ohara, 2012

"Joanne provided a skype reading for me, a great deal of which accurately reflected my current situation, as well as giving me messages from some of my family in spirit. Throughout the reading, Joanne took the time to explain things more fully, if I needed further clarification on something she'd said and everything she related was given in a kind, honest and compassionate manner." Steve McHugh, London, Oct 2012

well thank u ever so much for my email reading , all i can say is WOW u have blown me away with your accuracy ,i just cried reading it but not with sadness ... again THANK U xx” Michelle, Oct 2012

“I want to recommend Joanne Ward of Dumbarton. She is an honest Psychic Medium, not a rip off! She does one to one readings as well as psychic spirit churches. She gave me an accurate message from my mum and granny and all my aunties and she was able to tell me about things going on in my life and my familys lives. She was spooky. well worth it” Maggie, July 2011

“I would like to thank you so very much, you are an amazing lady, it is without any doubt in my mind that you have been given an incredible gift to help people like myself who are having a difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one. The comfort and the sincerity alone were worth the visit. But the accuracy of what you told me about my brother Tom and the names of people in my life both past and present I was totally lost for words. Even the fact that you got something, word for word that I said at Tom’s graveside which I never picked up wife have not only given me comfort you have also given me belief that there is an afterlife.. I am so glad that I was drawn to your website” Stewart, Airdrie Sept 2012

“…thank you so very much for my reading last night at my hen party in Balloch, it was amazing and very accurate, you truly are an amazing person with a wonderful gift :)
I was a 'virgin' to it all but was very open minded and have always been intrigued and a strong believer, i will deffinatly be back to see you again in the future. Thanks again.” Diane Currie, March 2012

“I recently had a reading with Joanne and found her to be spot on in every detail. She reassured me and gave me great comfort. A hugely talented girl” Fiona, Feb 2012

"Excellent proof of life after life and excellent worker for spirit” Helen Mcallister, Dec 2011