My name is Joanne Davies, previously Joanne Ward. I am a down to earth psychic medium based in Glasgow and I work throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. I am passionate about helping people through my Mediumship and psychic insight.  

Please feel free to have a look around my website and do check out the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for some answers to the common questions.


- Joanne Davies

Joanne offers public demonstrations, private readings and psychic and spiritual development classes. She is available for charity nights and commercial work. You can also see her working on the platform in independent and SNU Spiritualist Churches throughout Scotland and the UK.

Through Mediumship, Joanne connects with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels on the other side to provide healing messages, guidance, and evidence of life after life. Through her connection to the Spirit World, Joanne can provide comfort and proof that there is no such thing as death.

Using psychic tools such as tarot and angel cards, Joanne can also provide insight into your past present and future.

“In my eyes the purpose of being a medium is to bring forward that evidence and proof that there is no death, only life eternal. Hopefully by doing this mediums can truly help the bereft and those who are a little lost or who need a little help.”

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